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Meet Coach Mark!

Hello - I am Mark Ricktor. I'm an ACC (ICF) Life Coach & Personal Development Mentor

I discovered my life's work when my life was thrust into utter chaos! God brought some amazing people in my life that mentored me along my journey toward happiness and success...I was hit by the spark - I am meant to do the same for others!!

I am an Ordinary Guy doing Extra-Ordinary Things. I have been Educating, Mentoring, and Coaching people for the better part of 20 years.


As your coach/mentor, I will serve you by providing what my mentors gave to me - heart centered coaching. I will provide a sacred space for you to gain clarity, plan, and achieve your goals/dreams/desires.


My promise to you is that you will receive my:

  • My Devotion

  • My Expertise

  • My Time

  • My Honesty

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I am gifting a coaching session to you! By doing so you may gain awareness about the intention you are thinking of setting, where you are now, and where you want to go, what you need to get there, and how to get there!

Programs Developed With YOU in Mind
Discover and Pursue YOUR True Life's Purpose.

Tame The Chaos Group

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Join Coach Mark in an online group setting where together we create a space of Calm, Connection, Stillness, and Peace (kinda sounds like a mantra). This community will include relevant topics to help you find the calm within yourself so that you may navigate the chaos of this world. 


The Five Principles Of Success

Image by Guille Álvarez

This online (self-paced) course will give you the tools to take a proactive approach to your life. We can wait for the dust to settle or we can grab a broom and take charge. The bottom line is you can sit there clicking "likes" until your fingers fall off and hope for the best, or you can take charge to choose the direction and the solution for yourself and your family.


1 on 1 Coaching: 12 Week Program

Image by Miguel Bruna

Working with people is my true life passion and divine calling. Any job I have ever held in my life has been one of service. I have to say that being a Life Coach is one of the single most satisfying things I have done professionally (Being a single father is truly the best thing I have done - ever). With me as your coach, you will have the same dedication that will help you achieve...

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