Meet Me

I am in my element when people come to me and are stuck and I help them!

The journey toward this began when my parent's divorce landed me in the eye of a story as the new kid in a bunch of total strangers. This trend would continue when, as an adult, found myself to be a single father of my two children while serving in the U.S. Army. My resourcefulness was backed by the solid education I received earning my bachelor’s degree and MBA while raising teenagers. Discovering I could help others successfully navigate their chaos is when I found my life's vocation.

After graduating with my MBA, I was invited to teach an Introduction to Research Course for the University. This was an exciting progression for me as I had worked my way through my degrees and an Academic advisor/mentor. My first night of teaching was terrifying! I went through 4 hours of content in an hour, but I was hooked and was driven to be the best instructor - ever!

My abilities grew as I went to work for a Non-Profit (for US Veterans) and a For-Profit Corporation in their training department. It turned out that corporate success was not what I wanted to achieve - my journey was not yet complete.

Now there are moments in our lives when the Universe nudges our spirit and we gain the clarity of knowing it is time to grow - this can lead to being thrust back into chaos. This occurred one day when a friend invited me to attend Yoga Teacher Training with her. The breath, body, and flow of yoga became the genesis for me becoming a Life Transformation coach and is the reason I wake up each day.

When I relax, I indulge in my creative mind by playing Dungeons and Dragons with my small group of friends or doing a horrible job of being the next James Taylor. Most of all, it is spoiling my grandson with his current favorite food - French Fries.

People, who are in their own chaos, find me. Connecting with them to help them gain Clarity, discover the spark that comes from their Spirit, helping them create a plan that will drive them, and coach/mentor them to achieve new life is what I do and what I love.