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Why Do I Need A Life Coach?

Think of it this way – If your dream/goal/new career (fill in your blank here) is your destination, then as a coach I am acting as your GPS (except one that holds you accountable). Think about it. When we pursue our dreams we travel down the same old path to get there and run into the same old obstacles that ultimately derail us. I point out any bumps on is in your way, suggest alternate routes, keep you accountable, and happily help you get to where you said (once I get you to admit it) you wanted to go.

How Does a Session Last

Most sessions last approx 60 mins. I say approximately because we may go over or under a little (all based on you).

Where Are The Sessions Held?

All sessions are virtual (usually Skype). If we are talking about a group session, usually I will use a format that is accommodating to a group. Rest assured you will be set up and ready to go before our session starts

Do You Accept Credit Cards

Not at this time. I will invoice you via PayPal to be paid prior to the session.

Do You Only Coach Career Transitions?

Career Transitions are my focus – BUT coaching the WHOLE YOU comes with the territory.

Do you have a money back guarantee?


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