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A True Gift!!

After completing, what feels like day 1,536 of the SIP, I realize that there are some really good things that are coming out of this. Aside from being forced to slow down, not take each other for granted, be in conquer mode ALL THE TIME, to name just a few, I find that I am grateful for Zoom. The reason, this may be obvious, is that it has put me back in touch with family and friends that I have used all the above reasons to avoid. Not because I do not love them, because I do, its because I have been too embarrassed to reach out to them. One of my Yoga instructors, whom I have had the privilege of having a deep conversation with, said that you just have to know it's going to be awkward for a while. She added that you just have to let yourself feel that and be persistent! Eventually, you will start a new pathway - and she is right!

For the past weeks of this SIP, I have been doing weekly family zooms with my sister, her family, and inlaws whom we are close to. Recently I did one with a friend who was in my small life group about 30 years ago - holy crap that's a long time! If there is ANY silver lining in the horror of this pandemic, to me, it is that we are being given an opportunity to make changes for the better. People (myself included) ask when we will go back to normal? As I sit and meditate about this I keep coming back to the same answer - why would we want that. Don't get me wrong - I miss sports, the beach, sitting in my favorite coffee shop...I do not miss the conquer mode. In fact - I will be so bold to say that people who are advocating to get back to - well I question their motives - but that is for another time.

So my dear one - take time to find your gifts in all this madness - they are there - you just have to pause, open your eyes and heart, and see them. One day...our society will be firing on all cylinders again - so my question is are you willing to do the work now and emerge with new/renewed connections and greater clarity about who you REALLY are and the direction you want to travel?

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Peace and Love!

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