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Are You Going to Put a Stop To The Madness?

Are You Going to Put a Stop To The Madness? because if you do not - it will cost you more than you gain by pleasing everyone. No no, my dear, I do know what I am talking about. We find ourselves in our roles (either by our own design or thrust upon us by someone else - usually a combination of both), and we pound our chest with pride (outward appearance) knowing that we take care of our part of the world. Inwardly there is the whole thought of "holy shit - I really have no idea what to do"!! (but we'll leave that for another day! As I have written in prior posts, as single parents we take on many roles in support of keeping the core of our family functioning. Add to this the fact that we have this thing called the Corona Virus adding to our daily "fun" and it is not to difficult to see just how we lose ourselves in the middle of making sure EVERYONE else is ok...ugh it is exhausting -believe me, I know!

So I submit to you that if you continue down this road it will cost you - big time. You run the risk of damaging your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health! Again - I know from experience because not creating a boundary for my own identity nearly killed me! I will spare you the details but suffice it to say - I have been on a first-name basis with my cardiologist for a while now...So yes in some (maybe most) cases we have little choice but to continue in our roles, but yes this is the life we in most cases chosen and there is no magic solution coming to change it or make it easier...That, my dear one, has to come from you (and I am here to help).

You cannot continue down this path and expect different - you have to create different. Here is how to start!

1. Start journaling every day! set a timer for 10 - 15mins and just write!

2. Add 3 things you are grateful for -Every day (it can be a simple thing - I finally got outside and felt the sun on my shoulders)

3. Move your body - walk, yoga, something (make sure you are healthy enough to do so)

4. Meditate (or close your eyes and count your breathes if the word meditation creeps you out)

5. AAAaaaannnd I will add self-gratification (great stress reliever)

I have a 30-day course I wrote called The 30-Day Happiness Challenge - click the title to receive you a copy.

Finally - because I know what you are going through - I know how to get to the other side of the journey you find yourself on - Schedule time with me and we can work on helping you gain some clarity, space, and a pathway that works for you!!

Click Here and Let's Get Started!

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