• Mark Ricktor

Beginning to Get Unstuck...

As I began to get myself unstuck from my exclusive "I am master over all that is my domain" world that I created, I start seeking help. Among the various places and people, I turned to and began to learn from was Ted Talks. One of the talks that I found, that helped change my life is this one. Take a look - take notes you'll thank me.

Shawn Achor is an AMAZING researcher, author, and speaker. What I took from this (and from his book The Happiness Challenge) is that I am in control of my happiness and that in turn leads to success. He puts to rest this notion that we will have happiness once we have success. Interestingly enough, given our current reality, aren't we being given an opportunity to learn a new way.

This means so much to me I wrote a course that is entitled The 30-Day Happiness Challenge. Click THIS LINK to get a free copy. As the days pass during this SIP, I challenge you to do the 30-Happiness Challenge. My passion is to help you to become proactive so that you are no longer stuck and to see a new reality emerge. We all have a choice - we can either wait for the SIP to be lift and THEN be reactive, or we can be proactive and create our own new reality.

What will you choose?

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