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Belief in myself makes me stronger

In my current state, I often second guess the decisions I make or thoughts running through my head. I question my judgment at times and am afraid to voice my opinion in front of others.

Let these practices all be a thing of the past. I start making changes now. I hold myself in high esteem and recognize that I have the same rights as everyone else. I have the right to freely express my opinions and the right to be heard. I also have the right to uniquely be myself and to change my mind. I have the right to be unsure.

I allow myself to have more confidence in everything I do. I do this by closing my eyes and imagining what my confident self looks and feels like.

I feel more confident by standing tall with my shoulders up straight. I practice walking with confidence by imagining that I am standing tall and walking with a large cape on my back.

Today, I feel stronger knowing that I can have more confidence by simply choosing behaviors that go along with being confident. I believe that I have the same rights as others and that others must respect my rights as a human being. My belief that I am a capable, competent, and unique individual makes me strong and assured.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some confident behaviors and qualities that I see in others that I can model and emulate?

2. What negative beliefs am I holding about myself that need to change?

3. What new habits can I practice that will show my confidence?

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