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Finding Your Clarity – Part 1 of many!

As the list of my life’s travels grows longer, I find myself saying things I remember my dad saying (when he was my age). I know this is a silly statement because my dad was every age I have been, meaning of “an age” of significance…anyway…I find myself thinking – “back when I was a kid we did it this way”…BUT back when I was a kid we had face to face conversations, we went out and made our own fun with what we had, the only people who had computers were Capt. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise and NASA. The only “likes” we received from something we created was because our parents put our artwork on the fridge for all to see. If you wanted to research something you went into the encyclopedia (google it if you don’t know what it is). It felt easier to determine what we wanted and how we got it. You either won or you didn’t. If you didn’t win, you felt crappy and figured out how to do better the next time. There were no feel-good trophies for just participating. When it was Christmas, you knew that Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer came on once and if you didn’t see it then you were out of luck until the next year! So Somewhere along the way, this all changed. The culprit is the Internet. With the Internet, especially as it is in its present form, we have at our fingertips pretty much every piece of information ever recorded by mankind (I can go online and watch Rudolf as many times as I want) So what? You may say…We let me tell you why this is significant. There is a TON of empirical evidence that shows how our addiction to technology is changing, among other things, how we perceive the world. This is becoming so pervasive that in creating these really cool gadgets, that we could only dream of when we were kids, we have created what Shawn Achor calls “cultural ADHD.” According to Dr. Matt James of The Empowerment Partnership, we are exposed to millions of bits of information every moment of every day. As humans, we can only process a minimal number of those bits. So the result, to make a long story short, is lose our abilities (or at least it is diminished) to discern – we just go numb. If you feel resistance to this, then you are experiencing what I am talking about. If you find yourself at a crossroad of your life’s journey (either by your choice or someone else’s), then you have a chance to ask yourself some essential questions: 1. Who am I really (minus all the FB, Instagram, Tweets, etc.)? 2. As I decide the direction of my life, am I choosing for my truest self or because I believe I am supposed to do it because that is what is expected of me? 3. How do I figure all this out??? As I have been helping people achieve THEIR goals/dreams/desires for nearly 20 years, I have determined that (to put it succinctly) it can be done in this way. Assessement>>>Clarity>>>Your Intrinsic Choice>>>Tranfomative change SO take a deep breath! There is hope – remember humans have been on this earth a lot longer than technology has, I have faith we as a species can figure this out! I hope that this has sparked something from within you, enough of a spark to at least have a conversation. If it has then let’s do this – I want you to contact me to have that conversation. I offer, what I call, 2 – hour deep dive calls. This is where for 2 hours I will hold a space for you to explore what is you are looking for. Out of this 2 hr session (complimentary), you will leave with some value that will help you move forward. Sounds good? Click the link to find your spot on my calendar!

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