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Hello From The Other Side...

As my two kiddos begin to continued to define their own lives, it became glaringly obvious I need to do the same. By the time they were in their late teens/early 20's they did exactly what someone told me they would do. you may know this feeling, you go from being everything in their lives to nearly nothing

(not literally - but it sure feels that way). The fact that it hurt so much is strong evidence that I needed to find a way to adjust to this new reality. I was and always will be their dad, but I also need to find a way to be Mark again. Part of that journey was to find a new tribe!

I set out to discover where I belong in this vast world...I tried everything - just about! I did a type of dance called 5 rhythms, joined a writing Meet-up, joined a Toastmasters Group, hung out with co-workers...eventually settled into Yoga. That is my tribe - Yoga people. I even earned my Yoga Teaching Certificate. Yoga is perfect for me because you are not in competition with anyone, you get in touch with your breath and your body, and you can do it alone or with others in the class. That is actually how I came up with the name of my company Warrior2Life Coaching. What I consider to be the victory in all of this, is not my ability to do Yoga, but the fact that I was vulnerable enough with myself to acknowledge that #1 I felt like my identity as a single father was changing, #2 I was lonelier than I realized, #3 I definitely cared enough about me to do something about it!

So my dear ones...What is it for you? Over the years I have had this conversation with many other parents. Some approach this in a less healthy manner (drinking, drugs, sexual addiction) others in a healthier way. What is it for you? Are you lost in the middle of the forest and need help to reach the other side?


I am offering No Obligation Donation Based Coaching Sessions - that is how much this matters to me!!

Peace and Love,


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