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How Life is Like The Love of Aladdin and Jasmine

Although the Disney Movie, Aladdin, is a child’s movie (in raising my two children, I have seen it at least 50+ times) it can teach us a lot about what is truly important about life – LOVE. So I am sure you are familiar with the plot…A “street rat” Aladdin, falls in love with a “Princess” Jasmine. As fate would have it Aladdin finds the magic lamp which has the Genie who grants him 3 wishes. As Aladdin begins to ask for and receive his wishes, he discovers that what he has wished for, fame, wealth, and riches, only drives his true intention further from him – the love of Jasmine. In the end – he discovers (like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz) that he had the answer all along All he had to do was to continue to be Aladdin.

So recent events have me pondering this movie and will not go away until I write about it. Aladdin represents each one of us. Strip away all the fake BS we think is important and we are just us – simply just us. We spend our lives acquiring layers and layers of crap to dress us up thinking we are stepping into a larger, happier life than we already have. The Genie represents our ego’s. It is there to grant our wishes, and protect us. It generally does too good of a job. As evident as Aladdin making his wishes ends up mucking things up. Jasmine represents each one of us as well. She has every creäture comfort one could want, but if you recall, she discovers that all her stuff is just that – stuff. So she sets out to escape her life and runs across Aladdin…and somewhere in the middle they work it out. The defining moment is during the magic carpet ride, and this is what caused me to bolt upright in bed and begin to write about all this. In the song Aladdin sings “I can show you the world…”. So the thought I had is this – what on earth can he really show Jasmine? She doesn’t need him to give or show her anything as she already has it all…BUT what She does not have is the ability to see life through his eyes – from the eyes of someone who has nothing and yet discovers his capacity to see what is really important – LOVE. Aladdin also gains the ability to see Jasmine as she really is, a person who should be seen and loved for who she is – rather than what she has.

I believe the lesson here is in the song A Whole New World. We each have the capacity to see the world for what it really is – a simple and beautiful place from Aladdin’s eyes. AND we also have the ability to see the world through Jasmine’s eyes. That we really do not need all the trappings that wealth brings us – In the end, all that matters is each other and our love.

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