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I Hit An Obstacle – NOW WHAT?!

See if this happens to you? The calendar says December 1st. The New Year is a few weeks away. Time to set your New Years resolutions for the coming year! You think long and hard about what you want to do for yourself! You even buy a special planner to keep track of this amazing transformation. You EVEN buy colored pencils, because you’re also going to show how creative you are! So you set some time aside for yourself to do some deep self-reflection and set this resolution because this is going to be AWESOME!! 

In your session, you decide that you are going to learn to play the guitar because you’ve decided that music is your life and you are going to play at the local coffee shop that has an open mic night (if it goes well you see AGT in your future)! So being the good planner you are, you take stock of the resources available to you – to learn how to play the guitar. You go through the list…Time and Space to do your lessons (you purchased an app that teaches you how to play from day one til you get to AGT! – Check! Guitar – uh need one of those – that is one of the keys to learning how to play guitar is having a guitar (pretty insightful I know…) So you are all set to go, you schedule your first lesson for January 2nd – You’re all set!

For the first few weeks, you are on fire – you can play a few simple songs. So let’s move forward about a month or two. You are getting ready for work, and it happens. You trip over the guitar that has been sitting there untouched for a while now and you think “who on earth put this guitar here”?!!!! So it has happened – for whatever reason you hit an obstacle in reaching your goal (in this case, learning how to play the guitar). 

So first of all, do not beat yourself up. Obstacles happen TO EVERYONE. The thought that may run through your head “This happens EVERY TIME”! This is one of those thoughts that EVERYONE has. There is a difference in how successful people handle obstacles. Successful people will acknowledge this and see this as an opportunity to grow. Unsuccessful people will allow this to defeat them. Below are some possible steps you can employ to navigate around and reach your goal

When we run across obstacles

1. Release negative emotion: ask yourself what is really going on here? Letting go of the energy behind these things is the key. – Letting go of your baggage is just like cleaning out your closet, you do not really release anything until you set an intention and take action and start getting results.

2. Create a compelling future – Visualize yourself successfully…fill in the blank. Paint, draw, sing, dance – whatever this is for you. Create a visual of you being successful (in this case, playing the guitar).

3. Take action – This is where you actually navigate around the obstacle, BUT you must stay present! Yes – it may be an uncomfortable feeling for you, but you more than likely have been through far more difficult things before and been successful.

4. Focus on what you want – Keep your eyes on the prize! See the bigger picture from the larger view and the obstacles become little bumps in the road you travel in order to get to the prize. 

If this story hits home for you and you can use some support to get around obstacles

I encourage you to reach out to me

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