• Mark Ricktor

Inside Out or Outside In

Where do you land in this picture? Are you motivated from

the Inside Out or the Outside In?

My observation and there are times we are all guilty of this, is that we as a society are more and more guilty of Outside In Motivation. Meaning that we fail to take responsibility for our own pathway, and let others determine for us. In his Ted Talk, Nigel Marsh stated that if you don’t make the choice for yourself, someone else may make it for you and you may not like what they choose.

It is said that despite being at the genesis of the iPhone and iPad etc., that Steve Jobs would not allow his children to touch them, He must have known something we all need to learn. If you look at the picture above one is from a proactive origin, and the other is from a reactive one…

Soooo how do we make sure we are on our authentic path? It starts by making actual human to human connections, and self-reflection.

This very subject is my life’s passion and is SO important to me that I am offering a complimentary 2hour coaching session. If this is all the time you spend with me, then I promise you will leave with a plan and ACTUAL value you can apply to your life’s journey!

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