• Mark Ricktor

LOVE is the only truth that endures

Love is the only truth that endures. I am compelled to share with you some thoughts – given the current state of our country – that will hopefully help us all focus on what is a constant truth – LOVE. Whether you acknowledge it or not we are being fed a constant diet of a divisive, abusive, and negative load of crap that is beginning to bring us to a very bad place. We pound our chests in victory being the most technologically advanced civilization ever in history when we should be doing the exact opposite. There are studies that show that not only is the internet rewiring our brains to go from (what our ancestors did) being able to contemplate and reason out a solution, to what we are becoming which is making snap decisions based on which information is the flashiest at the time. This is, in fact, the very nature of the internet. In a recent interview, a researcher said that our addiction to technology is no accident – it is by design. We as humans have access to, pretty much, every piece of information ever written by humans because of the internet. Critical thinking, unfortunately, is a skill that does not come along with it.

So as I am observing the direction we are taking, and allowing ourselves to be lead, I have been trying to come up with some answers that help my feeble mind grasp onto…something. The only answer that comes to my mind is LOVE. The authors of a book A Course In Miracles talks about nothing that we experience as reality is real – nothing. It is all an illusion that our human minds give meaning. The only “real” is LOVE.  There is a quote from the book that states “Love has no darkened temples where mysteries are kept obscure and hidden from the sun.” So the reality is that, although we live in a society, and certain things must happen in order for it to succeed or fail…in the end LOVE is what will endure. We are LOVE, our souls our LOVE, Our Higher Power (Call it God, the Universe, Steve…whatever) is LOVE. As I stated – the physical reality is that we live in a society and must do certain things to make it work. BUT – I cannot understand, for the life of me, why anyone would place themselves above others and outright try to bring about division amongst us. What is even worse, is that we allow this!

In the end – as I stated my dear friend – the answer is LOVE! If we strip away the technology, politics, who is right or wrong…LOVE is there – it always has been, is there now, and always will be. Perhaps we can build upon that when enough of us are awake to build on a stronger foundation.

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