• Mark Ricktor

My Disastrous First Date!

The other night, I did something that I have not done for years. I went on a "first date." This is significant for me; evidence over the years suggests that I am not meant to be in one. So first dates follow suit; they usually end in disaster. You see as a man who is a single father, I spent MANY years solely focused on my kids first and myself last. The results are the fact that amongst other challenges, I am in fact overweight (which is evident to myself, and oddly enough a necessity for this woman on this date to point out to me). If I had the opportunity over the last 26 years to focus solely on me, I would be physically and financially in a much different place. As I take stock of my life and realize that I have accomplished more than merely my physical appearance and bank account. I raised two humans into pretty damn fine adults! The result of doing so has helped me to evolve as a man, I mean, amongst other things, I know how to braid hair.

So not to belabor this point I am trying to make. What I learned from this that I want to communicate with anyone who would read this is this...In the past, after a disastrous first date, I would have spent a fair amount of time beating myself nearly to death! Now I am approaching this differently. Yes - It hurts to be judged solely on appearance, but I realize that the difference between years ago and now is what makes this a joy and not a reason to self-flog myself. I have learned, and so should you, my dear ones, to focus on the entire journey and not "put all your eggs in one basket." So this is a joy because it is one moment in my life, that as I look back on it, it is pretty damn amazing!

As you pursue your goals, dreams, and desires, know that there are going to be times when you hit roadblocks. They hurt, but your energy is better spent taking a step to the left or right and continue looking for the golden energy you deserve!

If you have similar experiences and find yourself in need of support - Please reach out!!

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