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My Other Stress Buster (that's not wine - jk)

Here is one of the things that are keeping me sane during the SIP! Luckily I bought this thing a few weeks prior to the virus, or I have a feeling I would not have it now. I am so grateful to have this. I have committed to doing an hour a day, and I have done so since early February!! When it arrived - I had to put it together which is a workout in of itself. I was SO happy to have my own piece of gym equipment! I mean think about it, you don't have to wait, you don't have to endure someone waiting trying to stare you off the machine (or maybe a Jedi mind trick thing) and it does not matter what you wear. I mean I wear clothes - there are other family members here and I do not want to be the cause of therapy.

A friend I grew up with said that it will eventually become something you hang clothes on. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!

So what are you doing to manage your stress, keep moving, and stay sane during this time?

Let me know - Let's chat!!

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