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Parenting Was Difficult Enough Before the Virus?!

My dear parents...I am so amazed by what you do! Especially given our current reality. I remember when my two were school-aged, juggling getting them to school, getting myself to work (I was teaching so add preparing lectures, grading papers, counseling students) soccer practice, doing girl stuff with my daughter guy stuff with my son - and maintaining a social life...The last part is a complete lie - the reality is that just never was able to happen. Being persistent and navigating through that was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Given our current circumstances, I cannot imagine how you all do all this? You all have my prayers, faith, and love in your efforts. Along our journey, I was lucky enough to meet someone who I will call a single parent whisperer. He mentored me through the rough spots and here I am.

The turning point for me was admitting that I needed help. One day I woke up and admitted that although the kids were doing ok, we had a roof over our heads, etc...The reality is that life for me personally sucked. I was in over my head and I needed help! I was, what Brene' Brown calls, doing battle in the arena. In the arena you do the best you can, get your ass kicked, get back up and continue...sound familiar? In order for me to move forward and grow as an individual I had to do one of the hardest things for me at that time in my life - I had to be vulnerable. I had to admit that I did not have all the answers. This does not mean that I let down my boundaries, but it did mean that my boundaries (my armor) were not allowed to prevent those who love and care for me to help me.

The other day, I was watching the latest news about how horrible things are out there when I happen to see something that both inspired me and gave me hope. The author Mitch Album (he wrote Tuesday with Morrie), was on and explaining how he is making his latest novel available by donation, and that was his way of helping out during our current season. Like I said this both inspired me and gave me hope. SO I am doing the same I have blocked a 5 hours on my calendar on Fridays 30 min coaching sessions - completely donation based. Please click below and grab your time. Once scheduled I will send you the Zoom meeting link. We can chat, you can vent, work on a goal, come up with a goal...You can talk and I will hear you...I am really good at that part lol!

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