• Mark Ricktor

The Crossroads

Have you ever paused to think about the decisions you make in your life? At some point in our lives, we ALL come to a crossroad where we face choices. You ask yourself do I go left or do I go right? Sounds like a simple enough decision to make – right? Now, this is very true for some life’s more straightforward choices, like am I am going to stop and get my morning coffee, or head straight to work (I know the answer is Hell Yeah I’m going to stop for coffee, people’s safety is at stake here! On a side note – I am usually a tea drinker. Recently I took the plunge and decided to get coffee. I bought myself a cold brew. I have no idea what that is except a fancy way of charging a lot of money for coffee that is cold? Anyway, I felt such a surge of energy like I have not felt in a while, I now understand the whole coffee obsession), or what will we watch on TV tonight? (ok maybe not so simple – if you were to see this in action in my family you would understand). Some decisions are more challenging to make, however. The ones I am speaking of here are the ones that affect the major areas of our lives like ones that concern money, relationships, career, and health, etc. These decisions require a lot more thought than a cup of coffee does – right?

So before I go any further, let me explain why this has hit my radar. Recently someone very close to me had just such a decision. She is putting a lot of effort into a relationship that brings her a lot of stress and pain. She poured her heart out about how this has to work out and how she has to figure out how to fix the relationship to make both of them happy. This continued until I finally asked her a simple question…are you willing to continue to put ALL your effort to stay on this path, or is it time to take the other choice and spend the energy finding a solution that results in less stress and pain (and actually bring you joy)? Well, she stops in her tracks, as tears filled her eyes. She found herself at the crossroads, but this time, going with the auto choice, she did something huge – she paused. Instead of taking the auto-response of continuing down the same path, in the same manner, she was now facing the entire picture. The visual that someone shared with me is like facing a storm. To get to the point, she discovered that no matter what she was expected to do, she always has a choice. She also realized that she cannot control the storm, she can only control herself in the storm.

So the point I am making here is that there comes a time in our lives when we need to pause and contemplate our next move. Taking time to face and acknowledge ourselves will result in more congruent decisions for our lives. I am pleased to say that my friend, along with my support, did just that and set herself on a new pathway that is one of her choosing.

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