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The Day I Stepped into the Shoes of a Hero

A moment of choice is a moment of truth. It’s the testing point of our character and competence. Stephen Covey

The night my x-wife left me, she walked out the door after I had come home after being in the field with my Military Unit in Fort Lewis, WA. That night is when my life changed. There were the obvious logistical changes, I was now a single father. I also changed as I discovered something about myself, at that moment as the door closed behind her, and tears rolling down my face. I looked at my children holding my hands not knowing what was happening, as they both burst into tears screaming “MOMMY”! At that moment I took stock of myself as a man and as a father. The thought was fleeting but solidified the path I took (that lead me to where I am today). In an instant, I examined my values and determined that I am the father of my children, the head of my family, and the one who is going to raise our children to be the adults we envisioned them to be.

As their crying died down, as I was comforting them, I realized that it was dinner time. I was not the one who usually did the cooking, so the practical nature of the moment came into focus. My children, 2 and 3 years old at the time, were hungry and now traumatized. So I started to cook up some dinner for the 3 of us. Given the sudden nature of the moment, I think I made macaroni and cheese. So we set the table, I got them situated in their seats, and I served up the dinner. Well – As they looked at their plates, they looked at me, and began to cry again – REALLY HARD CRYING ( I wanted to join them, but held it back because they needed me to be strong) so I said: “it’s going to be okay – what’s wrong with Macaroni and cheese”? They both said in their little voices “that’s not how mommy does it”! So we ordered a delivery pizza instead and they were less upset with me.

Over the next days, months, and years of our lives (the stories of which I will share as appropriate), I learned many things about myself, my children, and life in general.

As I sit here writing this, I am also corresponding with a fellow single parent, who is going through a challenging time. As I am able to pass on the experiences that I have successfully managed, I feel very complete that I am able to do what I am on this earth to do – Help other single parents.

I offer you the same! If you are reading this, I invite you (strongly encourage you!) to learn more about my program that will bring you results and help you find the answers you seek. Click the link below and your journey starts



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