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The Difference You Make

My dear friends – this not only applies how we act with the outside world but also for ourselves. How often do you put yourself last in lieu of getting ahead, or fitting in? Are you pursuing your dreams or someone else’s because you “think” that is what is expected of you or you are supposed to do?

What if you were to make a decision – right now, that this difference you are going to make is for yourself! I encourage you to stop putting yourself last and begin to practice some self-love. I also advocate that you find a way to take care of yourself that does not involve technology – that does not count. It could be as simple as getting a notebook and a pen and starting your journal or taking a walk, get some ice cream…Whatever it is for you. Just like with do with our children when they learn to self-sooth, we need to do the same exact thing. So what kind of difference are you going to make for yourself?

To get started on this – I offer my support and it starts with a 2-hour complimentary coaching session. Click the link below to schedule a time that works best for you. OR you can call me direct at 6503837122

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