• Mark Ricktor

The Why Behind Your Why

So my question is, where do your intentions come from. I am not talking about things like your morning cup of coffee intention…” I intend to drink my morning coffee, or someone is going to get hurt”! I am talking about the larger picture. Where do the intentions that you set for your life come from? In coaching, we call this the why behind the why. Are these always based on our own intrinsic motivations that serve our “self”? In my all my years of working with people in this field, I have discovered a fair amount of individuals that set intentions based on the fact that it is what others expect of them, or some other less than congruent reason.

Now I understand that there are times when one has no choice but to set an intention based on the needs of someone else. My own life is a reflection of that. One night back in 1995, my life took a very unexpected turn when I arrived home one night to find myself a single father. Click here to read my story in full…Needless to say, as a single father of a 2 and 3-year-old leaves one with every intention set is for the success of raising my two babies. Other the other hand, there are those of us who set intentions based on external input that has NO business in our planning and actually leaves us with an incongruent life. Oh sure, we function in them and can actually thrive as well, but based on my experience leave us feeling less than whole.

Think about our current state of affairs in our society. Can you think of someone who is in a position that he/she does not really belong in or wants to be in the first place? The wise words of one of my instructor’s from my MBA program gave to us. He said, “do what you are motivated for, not what others are motivated for you to do, if you choose the later you will make yourself and others around you miserable”! So my dear ones, I submit the same statement to you!

What is your next step? If you can use support – PLEASE reach out to me, and you will leave with a foundation of an idea, and what it feels like to have someone who is dedicated to supporting your journey!

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