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We NEED Connections

According to Brene’ Brown, we humans are wired for connection. The connection we are wired for does not involve technology – I hope you are rolling your eyes at me (or your computer screen in this case) because this is so obvious! If not…then let’s talk! The higher-tech we get the more we are disconnecting from what is important – from ourselves and each other. Do not get me wrong. I LOVE gadgets, and cannot wait for the latest thing to come out. So this is not an anti-tech post. What I am advocating for is Pro-face to face connection and balance (of life in general).

So before we go any further with this, let me point out some basic facts about business, because we as a society spend a LOT of money on the latest gadgets. So let’s get started…If I were back in the classroom teaching business 101, I would ask, “what is the nature of business”? Being the good students you are, all hands would shoot up with the correct answer – The nature of business is to earn a profit! (remember this question and answer because we will come back to this). So to save you a long lecture about this (my kids would cheer at this point) let’s cut to the chase. So rule#1 for businesses is to make a profit. Publically traded companies are there to make money for the shareholders. SO, and this is important, NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU IN THEIR MARKETING – SEE RULE #1. So if you are buying the latest smartphone with the misconception that you are getting closer to people (do get me wrong having the ability to speak with someone over Skype who is in Italy and you’re in California is pretty amazing) is not quite the connection I am speaking of.

What am I writing about here? Good question – you’re on fire today! I am talking things like – taking 5 minutes out of your day to have a non-technology break. Just sit in a chair, ask your family to give you 5 minutes, and sit there and let your mind think. If you are in a relationship, here is an awesome exercise that will spark a deeper connection. Sit in easy pose across from each other, closer if you care too, and gaze into each other’s eyes. This is a tantra exercise that I know as sole gazing. There are many others that I am happy to share, in fact, will create a whole program for you.

Why this important? The reason why is that, although the movie the Matrix is a science fiction movie, we are all attached to the matrix aka. technology. Here is just one example (but it’s a biggy), there is an individual who owns the majority of the news outlets in this world. Thus is able to communicate his personal agenda to the majority of the world. Do you see an explosion of critical thinking these days? Nah me neither. This leads to another point. Simon Sinek, who wrote a book called Begin With Why, states that many companies (and in our case here – individuals) know what they do, very few know why they do it.

As we move forward, I feel it is imperative that we unplug, explore ourselves (sure that way too if it helps) and become reacquainted with ourselves. There is no company, app, gadget, or whatever that will do this for you. There are those of us who have a mission to do just this, and I am one of them. You may be thinking, “ah yes, but you said the sole purpose of business is to make a profit.” True – and I said we would come back to this point. So here it is…

Way back when I was in my MBA program, and getting ready to graduate, our Operations Management instructor asked the class a question that is one of those moments that changed the course of my life. He stood in front of the class and asked the same question I asked at the beginning of this post, “What is the nature of business?” ALL our hand shot up because that is a Business 101question and we were ready to impress him with our knowledge! So he called on one of my classmates who, with pride, answer to make a profit! Correct, he exclaimed, and then he paused. For an uncomfortable minute, he stood there and said nothing. Each of us nervously reviewed our memories just in case we missed something. He finally said again, “yes, that is correct, that is a textbook answer. BUT I challenge each of you to change your answer to this…The nature of business to make the world a better place!” So my business and the reason for this post is to encourage you to, as my dad would say back in the 70’s, turn off that damn TV and go outside and play! Go make some friends, go on an adventure, feel the sand between your toes, marvel at how good the breeze feels as you sit in the sun, feel how wonderful a face to face connection can and will be…

This my mission and why I am here advocating for you, and I and the rest of us to make deeper personal connections as we pursue our authentic Goals/Dreams/Desires. I am here to support you do just that. (Click Here to discover a little more of my story and how I arrived at this place).

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