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WHY Are They Doing That?!

The thought that runs through my head (quite often) in my travels is “Why are they doing that”?(although I usually yell this into the windshield of my car as I am driving). As an educator, mentor, and coach – I have asked this of many people over the years. Why have you chosen this pathway, or job, etc? The answers I receive indicates that a good percentage, do what Simon Sinek explains (In the attached Ted Talk, and author of the book – Begin With Why) – people know what they do, but very few know why they do it. Meaning, in this case, I find that a lot of times we do things because it pays well, or it just happened that way, or my favorite because my parents expected me too.

As I explained this is one of the first questions I ask of my clients, but there are those whom also wake up or have a moment of clarity and stop dead in their tracks and discover that what they are doing in their current professional life is NOT in fact what they want to be doing. One of my passions is to help people whom have reached that decision point in their lives to reach clarity and discover their true WHY. So as you watch Simon’s Ted Talk think about how you can apply this to you as an individual – in the talk he speaks from an organizational level, but like many concepts from business, it can be applied to us as individuals.

So let’s jump in, reply to this and let me know how you have reached your why – or if you are ready to discover your why – let us know. If you want to discuss this one on one please drop me an email at mark@warrior2lifecoaching.com

Have a good weekend and I will check in soon! Mark

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