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You're Stuck in The Middle of a Forest

Are You Stuck In The Forest

As we go through our daily routine of making sure the rest of the world is ok - we often neglect ourselves. DO NOT GET ME WRONG HERE...I am not talking about feeling pissed because you can't get a haircut! If you are upset by something as silly as that, I will give you the advice my drill sergeant gave us in basic training, he said: "suck it up buttercup"! I am talking about something that is for more chronic - and single parents know what I am talking about. The idea that once everyone is happen - THEN I will take care of me. Except the problem with this is, people never reach a plateau of happiness and say "I'm good now". The problem is that we set this and ourselves up for failure - we are stuck. Especially with our kids. Now don't get me wrong - we need to take care of our kiddos. That is in our job description, but you do not need to lose our self-identities in the process. If you are reading this and it resonates with you, then you owe it to yourself to at least take a pause to consider a few things.

To what degree is what we need to discover a new path?

If you are at all like me then you probably woke up one day, loving your kiddos, chugging along in your life, but realize you have no idea who you are, or what makes you happy. That is what I call being lost in the forest. We are in the forest because we choose to be there. It is our comfort zone, it is our war zone. Being in the forests is where we kick ass and get our ass kicked. We both love and hate the forest, and our efforts create more forest, but the truth is there is happiness outside of the forest. I now that seems weird to consider but trust me - there is happiness outside the forest. In order to get unstuck take an honest look at your life. If you feel resistant to this, then this is a big indicator that you REALLY need this. Start by doing as something a journalling - just for yourself - this is not meant to be the great American novel. Just write for you - let it out, let it flow, let it be messy, let it have misspelled words, let it OUT. Doing this and adding journalling about 3 things you feel gratitude for will change your mindset to be happier.

Make some serious decisions to point the way out of the forest

To gain perspective that leads to a path out of the forest, we need to take an honest look at our lives. Ask yourself this question...If I do nothing to change my current situation, what will my future look like? If you realize that it looks like you sitting around waiting on your children to determine your next move, then guess what you need to do this. Many times in our lives, especially the more addicted to FB, Tic Tok, etc we get, we allow others to determine our motivations. My dear - you, me, and all of us, need to stand in our own space, feel our power, and make our own decisions. One of the moments this became apparent to me was back when my kids had just started going to their moms for the weekend. I finally talked myself into going to a movie that was not a kids movie. Of course I was by myself (dating was just not in the cards) so I saw the blockbuster biggest bang for my buck - Titanic! So as the credit rolled and I was balling my eyes out was one of the indicators that I was stuck in the forest.

Get unstuck and out of the forest

What will this be for you? If you are like me, having someone who has been there done that is an immense help. I invite you to a conversation to at least begin to discover what this is for you. This is why I am here on this earth - someone helped me, it made such a profound impact on my life that it became my life's mission. No Pressure at all, and if this is all you do then you will gain for more perspective then you had before - make the choice!

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