The Hero's Academy

Become Heroic in Your Life's Journey!

The Hero's Academy is the culmination of years of research, development, and collaboration that I have written to help others who have reached a crossroad similar to what I did all those years ago (about 25 years now). Back then I found myself blazing trails as a U.S. Veteran raising my son and daughter on my own (back then men with full custody of the children were definitely a minority). I dedicated my career as an educator in the classroom, academic advisor, and coach to my fellow Veterans to help each realize and achieve their goals and dreams. This program will teach you to do the same.

I created The Hero's Academy because I believe that EVERYONE can be SUCCESSFUL, most of us just to be shown a pathway to get there! Ask yourself - how many times have you set a goal, or set out to achieve your dream, only to be sidetracked and you wake up one day asking yourself - Hey what the heck happened to that dream thing I had?  The benefits of The Hero's Academy are you will learn a conscious and authentic way of gaining Clarity about the brightest future for YOU, (where you are now and what you need to move forward), a Plan of Action, how to Create a Plan to achieve your goals/dreams/desires.

Now I realize that there are many other courses that are similar, BUT here is why this is different and the best approach for you:

1. I take each student/client very seriously and your happiness and well-being matter to me. I have students that I had in my classroom that I am still in contact with to this day.

2. You are purchasing a program that is based on empirical research with sound curriculum design as a basis for everything that happens here. 

3. You will have me in your corner and advocating for you well beyond this program! 

ONE MORE - I have taught this to my own children (They are adults now, so they don't roll their eyes at me as much anymore).


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